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We sell TCM forklifts, offer comprehensive maintenance and repair programs that prolong the life of your lift, provide forklift rentals for special projects or short-term needs, and teach forklift operator training focused on safety and efficiency.


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Use automotive lifts for parking and storage in residential and commercial garages, and to facilitate maintenance and repair in commercial service centers.

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Chicago, Illinois Forklifts Buyer: Are Fast Repairs Important to You?

You Might Be Shocked To Hear Us Say This, But...

"A forklift is a forklift is a forklift."

There. We said it.

If you're thinking of buying or renting a forklift, Chicago has many dealerships that will try to convince you their brand of lift truck is the best.

But here are the facts: Your equipment operators are going to drive that forklift hard. Inevitably it will need repairs and maintenance -- regardless of the brand.

And when your forklift is out of commission, so are your Chicago lift truck drivers and warehouse staff. Every second of their downtime is costing you money, slowing down your entire operation and annoying your customers.

It's All In The Service

Fast response times and dependable repairs have always been the cornerstones of our Illinois forklifts business.

If a mechanical problem is idling your Chicago lift truck and your organization, our dedicated technicians will race to your site to get it running as quickly as possible. And our maintenance plans will ensure you stay operational over the long haul.

So yes, a forklift is just a forklift.

But a repair team that takes personal responsibility for getting you back to work in a hurry... that's an advantage you can literally take to the bank.

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Beyond Forklifts

E-Z-GO Utility Vehicles: Tough, dependable people movers suitable for warehouse, plant, outdoor transportation, and many other applications.

Parking /Storage Lifts: Frees up space in your garage by creating a second level for storing cars, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, mowers, toys, and more.

Commercial Lifts: Vehicle lifts for automotive repair shops and body shops.

Locations If you're shopping for a forklift (Chicago and Northern IL area) we have two locations, Schaumburg and Rockford, where you can see our lift trucks and other products up close.

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A Personal Message From The Owner:

"At RHI Lifts, our repair service comes before everything else. Yes, we sell and rent forklifts in the Chicago, IL area. But none of that means anything unless you trust that our technicians will take ownership when there is a problem and that the quality of our repair is going to keep you operating and profitable." -Ryan Hennessey, RHI Lifts Owner

Our Repair Guarantee:

Six months guarantee on all repairs unless otherwise noted.

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