Chicago Forklift Service

Chicago Forklift Service

Sep 16, 2014

Is your forklift malfunctioning or in need of new parts? Our technicians provide repair and maintenance services to repair your forklift and replace broken or worn out parts. Our monthly maintenance services will keep your forklifts consistently maintained for a flat monthly fee.

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Forklift Repair, Maintenance & Parts

Forklift Repair, Maintenance & Parts

Aug 1, 2014

Forklift Repair, Maintenance & Parts by RHI Lifts in Chicago, Illinois

Your equipment operators drive your forklifts hard and they are going to break down. When that happens, you can rely on RHI Lifts to quickly arrive at your site, have the right parts and tools, and expertly get your forklift back into operation.

Our maintenance plans are the best way to reduce the number of costly breakdowns, keep your lift operators working, improve the life of your lifts, and reduce your material handling costs.

Operational Maintenance Plan

RHI Lifts can perform comprehensive maintenance at your location, including these steps:
Inspect and test over fifty key components that are vital to your equipment’s longevity
Present a detailed report outlining the repairs we recommend to keep your lift trucks in optimum condition
Provide detailed estimates of any necessary repairs in order to help you budget and plan throughout the year
We will perform all of these services for a flat fee per unit plus any parts that are required.

Guaranteed Maintenance Program

Our guaranteed maintenance program for new trucks takes the surprise out of your repair and maintenance bill. For a flat monthly fee we will maintain your equipment and perform all needed repairs! What does that really mean? For a flat rate we will perform all of the required maintenance, cover all of the breakdown repairs, and deliver a free loaner truck to your facility anytime a unit is out of service for more than forty eight hours. This program is available on all makes and models of lift trucks both new and used. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Call RHI Lifts at 847.447.0700 for forklift repair, maintenance and parts in Chicago, Illinois.