The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Chicago Forklift Rental

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Chicago Forklift Rental

Mar 1, 2016

There are many types of forklifts available in Chicago that are each built to handle a specific job in a factory or warehouse setting.  What almost all of these different types of forklifts have in common is that they require a significant investment to purchase as well as regular maintenance to keep them functional over a long period of time.  While there are many instances in which it is practical for a company to purchase a forklift in Chicago, there are other situations in which renting a forklift makes more sense.  Equipment rental is the most practical option if a company needs a forklift temporarily to complete a specific job or to take the place of a permanent piece of equipment as it is being repaired.

Advantages of Chicago Forklift Rental - RHI Lifts

Advantages of Forklift Rentals in Chicago

  • Temporary Jobs: If there is a particular job that only needs to be done one time or over a short period of time, forklift rental is a better solution than purchasing a piece of equipment that may never be used again. You can also rent a forklift to take the place of a permanent piece of equipment while it is out for repairs.
  • Test New Equipment: New forklifts can be a significant investment between the cost of the equipment and maintenance which makes it important to make the right decision when buying a forklift. Renting a forklift allows you to test out a new piece of equipment in your own facility before deciding to make a purchase.
  • Maintenance Coverage: Maintenance makes up much of the investment of a new forklift. With forklift rentals, the dealer is responsible for providing the regular maintenance which will relieve you of this cost and ensure that your rental equipment is working its best while you have it.  Many rentals also cover repairs needed due to unexpected problems.
  • Save Money: This is the biggest reason many companies chose to rent forklifts. Forklift rentals in Chicago cost much less than the price of a new forklift and any maintenance needed on the forklift will be provided by the dealer.  Dealers will also set up an affordable payment plan to pay for the rental.

Disadvantages of Forklift Rentals in Chicago

  • Payments: Depending on how long you rent a forklift, the payments can add up to be more than the cost of an outright purchase. It can be difficult to determine how long you will need a piece of equipment and if you overestimate, you may have to keep paying rental payments to complete the term of the rental contract even if you are no longer using the forklift.
  • Availability: When you go to rent a forklift in Chicago, there is no guarantee that the specific equipment you need will be available. Dealers rent out to many companies in their area and if you need a forklift with certain specifications, there is a chance that the equipment could be rented out.

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Considerations for a Forklift Rental

  • Time: It is very important to consider how long you will need a forklift before making an equipment rental. The amount of time that you decide on will determine the total cost of the rental.
  • Specifications: Make sure you know the exact specifications you need in a forklift for the particular job including lift capacity, lift height, and any special attachments.
  • Rental Policies: The terms and policies of forklift rentals may differ depending on the dealer and the equipment. You should make sure you understand the terms and policies of your rental before signing a contract.

If you are considering renting a forklift to handle a particular job, carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of forklift rental while also considering exactly what you will need from the rental equipment to complete the job.  RHI Lifts provides both long term and short term Chicago forklift rentals for companies.  You can call us at (847) 447-0700 or contact us online to learn more about the terms and policies of our rentals as well as the equipment we have available.

Forklift Maintenance Tips to Service your Equipment

Forklift Maintenance Tips to Service your Equipment

Aug 31, 2015

Forklifts are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings and as many Chicago forklift operators already know, these tough environments can lead to wear and tear on the equipment. Forklifts require regular maintenance to help avoid excessive wear and tear and ensure that routine forklift repair is done which makes it important for operators to know how to provide effective forklift maintenance. Forklift maintenance is not difficult to do and if it is done regularly, your forklift will operate at peak performance for much longer and avoid major issues that would require professional forklift service. The following forklift maintenance tips should be performed by all Chicago forklift operators to keep their equipment in good repair.

Check the Fluids

One of the most important aspects of forklift maintenance is checking the fluid levels before using the equipment. Make sure that the antifreeze, gas, and hydraulic fluids are at the right level before using the forklift and add more fluids if any of the levels are low. It is crucial to check these fluids every time before use because operating a forklift with low fluid levels, especially antifreeze, can be damaging to the machine. If you use a forklift with low antifreeze, you run the risk of overheating or freezing the internal components.

Change the Oil

Every combustion engine requires oil to operate and forklifts are no different. The oil in a forklift engine helps maintain the fluid operations so it runs at peak performance and failure to change the oil regularly can result in poor fuel economy, combustion problems, and a variety of other performance issues. By changing the oil in your forklift every three months, you will help keep the engine operating at maximum efficiency and avoid engine problems that can put your forklift out of service.

Forklift Maintenance Tips


Lubricate Moving Forklift Parts

There are many moving forklift parts and components and making sure these parts are well lubricated is a very important aspect of forklift maintenance. The purpose of the lubrication is to reduce friction between the moving parts which can be damaging to the forklift. You should lubricate all moving forklift parts regularly and replace worn out ball bearings to avoid internal damage and keep the forklift running smoothly. Rust is another source of friction within the moving forklift parts and applying WD-40 can help eliminate some of the rust buildup. If the moving parts are not lubricated on a regular basis, they will eventually wear out and malfunction which requires professional forklift repair.

Maintain the Gauges

Forklifts have several gauges on the instrument panel that let the operator know when a part is not working which makes these gauges very important. If a gauge is not working properly, it will not indicate when a problem occurs with one of the forklift parts and the damage will get worse and cause a more expensive problem. Keeping the gauges in working order can help prevent extensive damage but you still have to pay attention to the gauges and act immediately when they indicate a problem with one of the parts. Ignoring a problem will lead to more significant damage that will put your forklift out of service until it can be repaired by a professional.

Many companies rely on their forklifts to do their work which is why operators should stress the importance of good forklift maintenance. Performing routine maintenance on your forklifts will help prevent major breakdowns and keep them functioning at their maximum ability. If your forklift equipment does breakdown or malfunction, contact RHI Lifts for forklift repair and maintenance services. Our certified technicians can provide repair services and new parts for all types of Chicago forklifts.

About RHI Lifts

About RHI Lifts

Aug 4, 2014

Chicago, Illinois Forklifts

Chicago, Illinois Forklifts Buyer: Are Fast Repairs Important to You?

You Might Be Shocked To Hear Us Say This, But…

“A forklift is a forklift is a forklift.”

There. We said it.

If you’re thinking of buying or renting a forklift, Chicago has many dealerships that will try to convince you their brand of lift truck is the best.

But here are the facts: Your equipment operators are going to drive that forklift hard. Inevitably it will need repairs and maintenance — regardless of the brand.

And when your forklift is out of commission, so are your Chicago lift truck drivers and warehouse staff. Every second of their downtime is costing you money, slowing down your entire operation and annoying your customers.

It’s All In The Service

Fast response times and dependable repairs have always been the cornerstones of our Illinois forklifts business.

If a mechanical problem is idling your Chicago lift truck and your organization, our dedicated technicians will race to your site to get it running as quickly as possible. And our maintenance plans will ensure you stay operational over the long haul.