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Forklift Rentals in Chicago Illinois by RHI Lifts


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If your company is in or near Chicago, forklift rentals from RHI Lifts are a quick, sensible solution to a problem that could be costing you money.

Maybe one of your own forklifts is broken down. Or maybe you need another forklift for your fleet but don’t want to purchase one right now.

Forklift rentals from RHI Lifts, either short term or long term, are the answer.

Short term forklift rentals: The best choice for one-time use, inventory, seasonal work, special jobs, and just to have a back-up unit on hand in case of break downs during a busy time.

Long term forklift rentals: 12-month or longer rentals come at a reduced rate and allow you to avoid or delay the expense of purchasing a forklift. And we do the maintenance and repairs — one less thing for you to worry about.

RHI Lifts carries a large selection of forklift brands, types and sizes for rent… all late model equipment in ready-to-use condition.

Forklift Lease – Good In a Crisis

Your forklift emergency is our emergency. When you have a forklift down and need help fast, we swing into action so you and your team can be on the move again quickly.

Chicago IL Forklifts RentalsForklift Rentals in Chicago IL


Forklifts for rent in Chicago-ILRent a forklift in Chicago IL


Forklift Rentals Chicago IL

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More Than a Forklift for Rent

RHI Lifts also rents other types of material handling equipment:

  • Pneumatic Forklifts
  • Cushion Tire Forklifts
  • Walk Behind Units
  • Order Selectors
  • Narrow Isle Trucks
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Sweepers & Scrubbers
  • Attachments
  • Three Wheel Electric Trucks
  • Four Wheel Electric Trucks
  • Batteries
Forklift Rentals Chicago, IL

Forklift Rentals for Chicago, IL

Forklift Rental Tips From RHI Lifts

We want to make the forklift rental process as user-friendly as possible. So if you’ve never rented from us before, these questions will help us decide together what kind of lift truck is best for you:

  • What will your average load weigh? What about your heaviest load?
  • How high do you need to lift your loads?
  • What type of forklift rental would suit your needs best:
    • Sit down rider
    • Stand up rider
    • Walk behind forklift
    • Walk/Ride forklift
  • What type of power is preferred: electric, propane gas, gasoline or diesel?
  • Will you need any special features such as: smaller/larger forks, side shift, clamps, fork positioners, barrel handlers, etc.
  • What surface will your forklift be working on: indoors on concrete, outdoors on soft surfaces, indoor/outdoor combination.

Contact the forklift rental specialists at our Chicago headquarters. We’re glad to answer your questions and advise on specs and other technical information.

RHI Lifts has the expert service and top of the line forklift rentals you need to get the job done. Call today! 847-447-0700