Forklift Operator Training

Chicago Forklift Training, Certifications and Classes by RHI LIfts


Are Your Forklift Operators Safe, Legal and Productive?

If you employ forklift operators, the onus is on you to ensure they have received forklift training that meets OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Our forklift training program does.

In fact, it complies with OSHA and ANSI standards for all types of forklifts, electric and internal combustion. This comprehensive, Chicago area forklift training program will help your staff and your company achieve important benchmarks:

  • Greater safety in the workplace for forklift operators and those around them.
  • Less product damage due to poor forklift operation.
  • Lower forklift repair expenses due to operator error.
  • Increased productivity through awareness and avoidance of potential dangers.
  • Prevention of lawsuits from forklift accidents.
  • Avoidance of fines / penalties levied by the OSHA against non-compliant employers.

Forklift Training Classes

The forklift training program offered by RHI Lifts consists of classroom study, a written exam, and a hands-on evaluation. It teaches your operators to anticipate potential dangers, improve their technique, focus on safety, and brush up their existing skills.

Forklift training is a wise choice for so many reasons. Consider the implications that workplace injuries, lawsuits and penalties would have on your business. Then contact our forklift training division to schedule classes for your operators.

Call RHI LIfts for Forklift Training and Classes in Chicago Illinois at 847-447-0700.