Garage Door Modifications

RHI Lifts Garage Door Modifications for Chicago, Illinois


At RHI Lifts Commercial and Residential Automotive Lifts we pride ourselves in being your garage storage solution company. We have the high quality products our customer’s expect and the inventory in stock to achieve a 97% fill rate.

We have taken auto lifts a step further to become your car storage solution company, so we can even modify your Garage Door! RHI Lifts trained professionals will modify your existing garage door installation to create what we call “High Lift” for your door.

We can handle any job from moving the horizontal tracks to gain up to twelve inches of clearance, all the way to moving the entire drum rail and spring assemblies up to within inches of your ceiling. We can install a spacer panel on the inside that no one will see which allows us to gain maximum under door clearance while using you existing garage door opener.

Our garage door solutions help create the optimum storage space for your pride and joy, and the completed “High Lift” modifications look so clean that your friends will think your garage was designed like that. Contact one of our service professionals today for more details or call us at 847-447-0700. We are not just a car lift distributor; RHI Lifts is your car storage solutions company.

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