Improve the Efficiency of Your Forklift with these 4 Tips

RHI Lifts 4 Tips to improve your Forklift EfficiencyWhen it comes to choosing and using heavy machinery such as forklifts, one of the most important qualities that people often look for is efficiency.  The level of efficiency of a particular forklift has a direct effect on your bottom line as machines that can handle more work at a lower operation cost will ultimately save your company money.  If you are not getting the efficiency you want out of your equipment, there are several ways you can improve the efficiency of both new and used forklifts.  The following 4 tips will improve the efficiency of your forklifts for noticeable immediate results and long term improvements for your bottom line.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

One of the main ways to improve the overall efficiency of forklifts that run on gasoline is to maximize their fuel efficiency.  The fuel efficiency of your forklift can be improved and maintained by regularly checking and changing the oil and consistently maintaining the tire pressure.  Forklifts working on under-inflated tires have poor traction that lowers their fuel efficiency and greatly increases the likelihood of a workplace accident.  Overinflated forklift tires are also a problem as they can blow out and put your equipment out of commission.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are rising in popularity with the growing trend in green technology and they are an efficient alternative to fuel powered forklifts.  In addition to not having the fuel costs of other forklifts, electric forklifts function on fewer parts which require less maintenance and have a lower chance of breaking down.  The parts of an electric forklift are also easy to service which will reduce your overall cost of maintenance.

Recycled and Used Forklift Parts

Forklifts consist of many component parts and over time, individual parts can become worn out or broken which requires them to be replaced.  Replacing broken or worn out parts with recycled and used forklift parts will save you money while also eliminating the need to reproduce new parts.  It is important to remember that recycled parts are not lower quality than new parts, they are revitalized to their specifications in compliance with institutional standards and occupational guidelines.  You can rest assured that used forklift parts meet the industry standard to perform as well as new parts.

Fleet Management Software

If your company uses a fleet of forklifts on a regular basis to handle a high volume workload, you can ensure that your fleet is being used efficiently with fleet management software.  Fleet management software tracks the activity of the forklift fleet such as usage and idle time and allows you to pinpoint specific jobs and other issues that are bringing down the overall efficiency.  With this information, you can cut down on idle time and adjust the least efficient tasks so that your fleet gets the job done quicker and smoother.

Forklifts are expensive equipment to purchase and maintain which makes it important for your equipment to be as efficient as possible to help keep operational costs down and improve your bottom line.  Maximizing fuel efficiency, using recycled replacement parts, and incorporating fleet management software are effective ways to improve the efficiency of your current forklifts and you can also purchase electric forklifts which have a better overall efficiency than traditional fuel powered forklifts.  If your Chicago forklifts need maintenance or repair services to get them running more efficiently, contact RHI Lifts.  We provide professional forklift maintenance and repair services in Chicago and the surrounding areas.