Store your Car for the Winter with our Storage/ Parking Lifts

During the spring, summer, and fall in the Chicago area, those that own sports cars, convertibles, and classic cars drive these vehicles as much as they can before the harsh winter weather returns.  There is nothing like cruising on a pleasant day in a convertible or classic car, but with winter quickly approaching, it is time to start worrying about storing your vehicle.  Many homeowners only have space in their garages for one or two cars, which means that storing your classic car or convertible will force you to have to park your everyday car outside during the winter.  RHI Lifts provides and installs storage and parking lifts to help you get the most out of the space in your garage.

store-your-car-for-the-winter-with-our-storage-parking-liftsPaying for vehicle storage at a garage or parking lot can be expensive.  Storing your vehicles in your own garage is ideal, but many garages are not built to store more than two cars.  The parking and storage lifts from RHI Lifts essentially double the storage space of your garage by allowing you to lift your vehicle up with enough space to park another vehicle underneath it.  This way you can store two vehicles in a space that formally only accommodated one.

Four Post Lifts

Four post lifts are heavy duty storage lifts that lift your vehicle up on a platform supported by four posts.  These parking lifts can be installed in any space, including tight spaces such as a residential garage, and they double your car storage space by lifting your vehicle for usable space under the platform.  Four post parking lifts are ideal for protecting convertibles and classic cars as well as storing seasonal vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV’s.  With these lifts, you can fit your seasonal vehicle and your everyday car in your garage and avoid parking outside during the winter.  The key switch option for the four post lifts provides extra protection for your precious vehicles.

Single Post Lifts

Single post lifts are storage lifts that have a raiseable platform that moves up and down a single post.  These parking lifts can double the storage area in your garage while taking up less space than a four post lift.  Single post lifts have a load capacity of 4,500 pounds which makes them an effective option for storing sports cars and other seasonal vehicles during the winter.

If you have a convertible, classic car, motorcycle, ATV, or other seasonal vehicle and limited storage space in your garage, the single and four post parking lifts from RHI Lifts are an ideal solution.  These parking lifts will not only allow you to safely store your precious vehicles for the winter, but also provide space so you can park your everyday vehicle in the garage.  Contact RHI Lifts to talk to one of our professionals about installing parking lifts in your garage.