Storage / Parking Lifts

Storage / Parking Lifts in Chicago, Illinois by RHI Lifts

RHI Lifts provides automotive parking and storage solutions for residential and commercial applications.
Do you have a new convertible, collector or classic, or sports car that you need to park at home? Our parking lifts can give you the additional parking space that you need. No longer will you have to park outside in the winter to protect you collectable. We have parking lifts available in both four post and single post configurations to best fit your application. Our technicians can also adjust your garage door in order to create the perfect storage environment right in your home.

Do you run a commercial parking lot or condominium that is filled to capacity? A pay parking lot where you would like to generate more income? Use lifts to increase the number of vehicles your lot can hold. RHI Lifts has several lifts available designed specifically for commercial/residential parking for both single and multi unit garages.

Need accessories for your lift? Whether you need light weight aluminum ramps, solid steel centers for storing motorcycles and other equipment, or an air jack to pull the wheels off of your car for service, we have a wide range of accessories available.