The Energy Efficiency of an Electric Forklift

The Energy Efficiency of an Electric Forklift

Jul 29, 2016

“Going green” has become a big priority in many areas of life, especially when it comes to energy usage.  Diesel fuel, gas, and other types of energy sources are slowly being phased out as more cost effective alternatives such as electricity and solar power are being applied to more uses.   This is certainly the case for forklifts as electric forklifts have become a popular alternative to traditional forklifts that run on gasoline.  When a major technology change such as this takes place, it is fair to ask, “is this new development really more effective and cost-efficient than what we already have?”  In the case of electric forklifts, the answer is yes.  These green forklifts will save money due to their efficiency and have a smaller impact on the environment than forklifts that run on gasoline powered combustion engines.

Electric Forklift Operation

The Energy Efficiency of an Electric ForkliftAs the name suggests, electric forklifts run exclusively on electricity and they are charged through a wall plug.  Switching to an electric forklift will instantly save your company money on fuel costs while cutting down on the level of dangerous emissions.  Electric forklifts are also easier and cheaper to maintain than traditional forklifts.  There are less forklift parts in an electric engine than a combustion engine which means there is less of a chance for malfunction.  The maintenance services for electric forklifts are also more affordable as they have increased in popularity.

Environmentally Friendly Features of Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts use fewer parts than traditional forklifts and they can operate on renewable parts.  This means that forklift parts can be recycled which will save money on replacement parts and help keep your forklift in top shape.  This also eliminates the need to produce and purchase new forklift parts which not only saves money, but also the resources used to produce the parts.  These renewable parts are as reliable as new parts and they are augmented to work every day in demanding environments.

Why Consider an Electric Forklift?

Electric forklifts are cheaper and easier to operate and maintain than traditional forklifts, and they are environmentally friendly because they use renewable parts and electric energy.  Many of the parts that typically wear out on a traditional forklift such as spark plugs, belts, pistons, and catalytic converters are simply not needed on electric forklifts.  With the use of electricity over gas, renewable parts, and less parts to wear out or malfunction, electric forklifts are much cheaper to own and operate.  They are also just as efficient as traditional forklifts so you will not compromise your capability by switching to electric forklifts.

If you are looking for ways to cut production costs or switch to green energy alternatives, electric forklifts are an excellent option.  You can trust electric forklifts to perform all the same work as traditional forklifts for a lower cost of operation while cutting down on dangerous emissions.  You can learn more about electric forklifts and the options we have available for new forklifts by talking to one of our professionals at RHI Lifts.