How to Properly Use Forklift Safety Equipment

How to Properly Use Forklift Safety Equipment

Sep 29, 2017

Companies that use their forklift fleets on a daily basis must emphasize forklift safety to protect their products, and more importantly, their employees.  Good forklift safety starts with well-trained operators that follow all the proper safety protocols, including preliminary checks and safe practices.  While practicing good forklift safety is a great start, you can make your workplace even safer by using forklift safety equipment such as safety sensors, forklift lights, and interactive smart systems.  In this guide, you will learn about each piece of safety equipment and how to incorporate them into your workplace.

Safety Sensors

How to Properly Use Forklift Safety Equipment - RHI Lifts Chicago, IL

Safety sensors are used in warehouses to help prevent collisions by detecting the motion of the forklift and warning the operator when it gets too close to a wall or rack.   In many warehouses, these sensors are mounted on the walls at eye level.  However, recent research shows that it is more effective to place these safety sensors on the ground.  The reason for this is because humans instinctively respond to threats from the ground, so the alarm is more likely to get the attention of your forklift operators.  If you use safety sensors in your warehouse, try placing them on the ground and see if this improves the response from your operators.

Forklift Safety Lights

Installing safety lights on your forklifts is another simple way to help make your workplace safer.  These warning lights flash in a strobe pattern or oscillating pattern that will quickly get the attention of nearby pedestrians as the forklift approaches.  These lights can also be seen from far distances to give pedestrians plenty of time to clear the path.  You can install audio alerts with your forklift warning lights as well for added safety.

Interactive Smart Systems

While the previous safety items discussed here are effective, they are only effective if your workers notice and react to their warnings.  Installing an interactive smart system can help automate workplace safety because these systems will quickly identify and alert your operator of any risks before they notice them.  These computer aided systems oversee the logistics of the forklift to better manage interactions with the foot traffic.  Many of these systems can also tell when there is a deficiency with the logistics or the forklift itself so you can make improvements.

Forklift safety is an extremely important concept and any company that uses a forklift fleet should always focus on ways to make these jobs safer.  Incorporating the forklift safety equipment discussed above will help improve the safety of your employees as well as the efficiency of your forklift fleet by reducing accidents.  Even with this safety equipment, good forklift safety starts with proper training.  If you have employees that need forklift training to learn good safety practices, RHI Lifts can help with our forklift operator training program.  We provide classroom and hands-on training in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.  You can call RHI Lifts at (847) 447-0700 to learn more about our forklift services.