Signs That It’s Time to Replace your Forklift

Forklifts are expensive pieces of machinery which is why many companies that use forklifts maintain them to keep them running as long as possible.  But like all heavy machinery, your forklift will eventually need to be retired and replaced.  The question is, when is it time to finally replace a forklift that has given you years of dependable service?  This can be a tough decision to make, but these tips will help you decide if it is truly time to replace your forklift.

Cost of Forklift Maintenance Becomes Too Much

All forklifts require a degree of maintenance throughout their operating lives to continue functioning efficiently.  However, your forklift will eventually become worn out to the point that continuing to maintain it is just too expensive.  Older forklifts may also experience unpredictable problems that are very expensive to fix.  At this point, it is often more cost effective to buy a new forklift.  New forklifts require very little and predictable maintenance for the first several years, and many of the parts will be under warrantee for a period of time to cover malfunctions.  If the maintenance costs of your old forklift are more than the cost and initial maintenance of a new forklift, it may be time to replace it.

Replace your ForkliftForklift Transmission Failure

Everyone knows that when the transmission of your car fails, it is time for a new car.  This same rule can be applied to forklifts.  Like in vehicles, forklift transmissions often fail after years of use and after any warranties have expired.  At this point, the cost of a new transmission is simply not worth it when the forklift is already old and might not have much time left even with a new transmission.  The amount of money it would take to replace the transmission can be used as a nice down payment on a new forklift.

Technology Becomes Outdated

Technology develops very fast, much faster than it takes for a forklift to live its entire operational life.  Generally, when a forklift is nearing the end of its life, the technology of that forklift is long outdated.  The maintenance and forklift parts for obsolete technology can become very expensive and it may be safer or more practical to upgrade to new technology.  New forklifts have the option of battery-powered instead of gas powered engines, which was not an option in the past, and modern displays and warning systems are much more accurate and easier to read.

If you are still using an old forklift that is costing you too much for parts, repair, and maintenance, it is time to consider retiring it for a new forklift.  You can actually save money by purchasing a new forklift that is more energy and fuel efficient than your older model with improved steering and braking systems for better and safer operation.  Call our professionals at RHI Lifts if you are considering a new forklift for your business in the Chicago area.  We offer new forklifts as well as forklift maintenance to make sure that your new machine runs for as long as possible.