Illinois Used Forklifts

Chicago Area’s Most Trusted Used Forklift Dealer

It’s a pretty simple equation. If you start with a good used forklift, add inspection, maintenance and repairs by the most thorough service technicians in greater Chicago, you end up with reliable used forklifts… used forklifts with longer uptime… used forklifts that come with warranties that actually mean something.

Here’s our thinking: You’re in the market for a used forklift because you’re budget conscious. But that doesn’t mean you’re prepared to accept second best. You don’t want a forklift that’s in the shop all the time, one that slows your pace of work or idles your staff. It doesn’t matter to you if the forklift looks pretty or not. You just want it to work hard and stay up.

We’ve sold used forklifts throughout the Northern Illinois area that are still putting in full working days and performing like new units. Forklifts of all brands, sizes and capacities from 3,000 to 25,000 pounds of pure lift. Delivering great value for money.

Unlike some dealers, RHI Lifts concentrates on maintenance first, long before the fresh coat of paint goes on. Because in your business and ours, reliability and strength come before good looks. That’s why you’re shopping for a used forklift and that’s why you should be coming to us.

Used Forklifts from RHI Lifts, Chicago, IL:

  • All our used forklifts are rigorously inspected and reconditioned to run like new.
  • RHI Lifts warranty – Qualified used forklifts come with 6 months parts and labor.
  • Uptime guarantee – 48-hour repairs or we provide free loaner.

Browse our current inventory of used forklifts below. Then contact our Chicago area office for more information on your truck of choice.