Used Komatsu Forklifts in Chicago, IL

It’s a logical choice – you buy a used Komatsu forklift and save money.

Used Komatsu forklifts are a great solution for a budget conscious business. They allow you to keep precious cash flow in the business while boosting productivity with another truck on the clock.

RHI Lifts has extensive knowledge of used Komatsu forklifts in Chicago, IL. We’ve been in the forklift reconditioning business for over a decade and have developed an unfaultable reputation for used forklifts that are built to last.

We pride ourselves on offering numerous Komatsu forklifts, all reconditioned to exceptional standards and sold at very competitive prices.

Our Reconditioned Chicago Forklifts are Small on Price, Big on Quality

There is no reason that buying used Komatsu forklifts should mean sacrificing on quality. Used forklifts can be reconditioned to operate just as efficiently as brand new forklifts. All of our used Komatsu forklifts are rigorously tested and are subject to a comprehensive safety inspection and OSHA Compliance measures.

Our used Komatsu forklifts come with a warranty that’s not an empty promise. RHI Lifts offer a 6 month parts and labor warranty on all of our qualified used Komatsu forklifts.

Exceptionally Maintained Used Komatsu Forklifts

It takes more than just a pretty face to get ahead in business. This is why RHI Lifts of Chicago, IL focuses on quality service over pure aesthetics. Unlike some other dealers, we are dedicated to providing exceptional maintenance on all of our used Komatsu forklifts. We offer a dedicated maintenance and repairs service, carried out by qualified technicians in the greater Chicago area.

And, because we know that time is money, we have an uptime guarantee of repairs completed within 48 hours. Additionally, we can complete almost all of our repairs at your premises, and if your forklift is out-of-action for more than 48 hours, we’ll provide you with a loan forklift completely free of charge. (Offer available on qualified units during warranty period only.)

Browse through our current inventory of used Komatsu forklifts, or contact us for to find out how we can best meet your forklift needs.