Used Nissan Forklifts in Chicago, IL

If there’s one thing that you want when you’re buying a used Nissan forklift, it’s value for money. It’s a simple request.

At RHI Lifts in Chicago, IL we know that buying a used Nissan forklift can be a great money saving alternative to buying a new forklift. It gets a truck on the floor fast, without having to outlay more than your budget allows for.

RHI Lifts is a leading provider of used Nissan forklifts in the greater Chicago area. We have over 10 years experience in providing some of the best used Nissan forklifts to businesses that demand quality, without the hefty price tag.

Quality Assured in our Reconditioned Nissan Forklifts

Over our many years in the reconditioning business, we have developed a reputation for selling used Nissan forklifts that operate just like new. We have achieved this thanks to our comprehensive testing and inspection methods. We subject all of our used Nissan forklifts to thorough safety inspections, OHSA compliance measures, and standards testing before we even start on the paintwork.

To further assure you that you are getting exceptional value for money from your qualified used Nissan forklift, we provide you with a 6-month parts and labor warranty.

Used Nissan Forklifts – Committed to Maintenance

We value brawn over beauty. We ensure all of our used Nissan forklifts have the reliability and durability to withstand the most demanding workloads, and the most demanding drivers.

Continued maintenance is one of the ways in which we set ourselves apart from other dealers. We encourage regular maintenance visits to prolong the life of your used Nissan forklift, and prevent problems from occurring.

Unbeatable Used Nissan Forklift Repair Service

RHI Lifts has a team of expert used Nissan forklifts technicians across the greater Chicago area. If your forklift needs repairs, we can carry out the job onsite most of the time. We have a 48-hour repair turnaround time, and for more complicated repairs over 48 hours, we provide you with a free loan forklift, so that your productivity doesn’t falter. (Offer available on qualified units during warranty period only.)

Ready to take advantage of RHI Lifts’ unbeatable value for money on your next used Nissan forklift? Browse our current inventory or contact us today!