Used TCM Forklifts in Chicago IL

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We’re not trying to be presumptuous, but we’d like to think we know what you want from a used TCM forklift. You want a forklift that is reliable, expertly reconditioned, offers value for money, and will put in a full day’s work day after day.

At RHI Lifts of Chicago, IL, we sell used TCM forklifts that meet all of your needs. We build them to perform day in day out, just as if you bought them as new.

Performance Matters in a Forklift

In our business, we value performance over a pretty face. When you’re in the market for a used TCM

Used Tcm Forklifts in Chicago, IL

TCM Lift Trucks in Chicago, IL

forklift, we know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A few small dings here and there are not going to stop your used TCM forklift from being a hardworking asset for your business.

Each used TCM forklift is put through its paces at our place, before it reaches yours. We subject each used TCM forklift to a thorough safety inspection and ensure that each one meets OHSA compliance standards.

To back up our thorough reconditioning process, we offer you a generous 6-month part and labor warranty on all qualified used TCM forklifts.

Used TCM Forklift Provider Committed to Maintenance

To make sure that your used TCM forklift performs at its best for many years to come, RHI Lifts provides an ongoing maintenance service that is second to none. Our fully trained used TCM forklift technicians are the finest in the greater Chicago area. They know you’re busy, so they’ll come and service your used TCM forklift at your premises.

If your used TCM forklift ever needs repairs, you can be sure that we’ll look after you. We know that you need your truck fixed and back on the clock as soon as possible. To meet your needs we guarantee a 48-hour uptime for all repairs. And, if your used TCM forklift ever requires any major repairs that will take more than 48 hours to complete, we’ll give you a free loan forklift to keep your business running. (Offer available on qualified units during warranty period only.)

Contact us today to find out how we can meet your business needs with a used TCM forklift.