Used Toyota Forklifts in Chicago IL

It’s a fact – buying a used Toyota forklift in Chicago IL is a great way to get a forklift from a renowned brand without the hefty price tag. It is an incredible value for your money!

RHI Lifts are expert providers of quality used Toyota forklifts. We have over a decade of experience in reconditioning used Toyota forklifts and have a reputation for selling used forklifts that operate just like new.

Thoroughly Tested Used Toyota Forklifts

We offer used Toyota forklifts on a budget, not budget used Toyota forklifts. Our reconditioning processes are second-to-none. Our fully trained technicians go over every used Toyota forklift with a fine toothcomb before we even consider starting the paint job. All of our used Toyota forklifts are put through a full safety inspection, and are subject to OHSA compliance measures.

You can be confident that you’re buying a quality used Toyota forklift from RHI Lifts. Just to put your mind at ease, we offer a 6-month parts and labor warranty on all qualified used Toyota forklifts.

First Class Maintenance and Repairs

Regardless of whether your forklift is new or old, you want it to go the distance. In order to maintain peak performance from your used Toyota forklift, we advocate regular maintenance. Regular maintenance doesn’t mean that your forklift will be out of action for long period of time. At RHI Lifts, we have a team of used Toyota forklift specialists that operate throughout the greater Chicago region. They will come to your premise and service your forklift then and there.

If at any stage your used Toyota forklift needs repairs, we’ll come to you, and have it back on the clock within 48-hours. If we can’t repair your used Toyota forklift within 48-hours, we’ll provide you with a loaner, free of charge. (Offer available on qualified units during warranty period only.)

To find out more about our used Toyota forklifts at budget-friendly prices, contact us today.