Used Tusk Forklifts in Chicago IL

In a tough economy, businesses are looking to increase business efficiencies and save money where they can. Buying a used Tusk forklift is a smart way to boost productivity and stay on budget. Used Tusk Forklifts – Keep Costs Down and Productivity Up

RHI Lifts are the used Tusk forklift specialists in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. We have been setting the standards in new and used forklifts for over a decade. We believe that a forklift is just a forklift, but great service is what makes a great business.

Used Tusk Forklifts – Quality Comes First

As a company we are committed to ensuring that all of our used Tusk forklifts are reconditioned to exceptional standards. We have meticulous testing methods to ensure that each used Tusk forklift works as new.

During the reconditioning process, our used Tusk forklifts undergo a thorough safety inspection and OHSA compliance measures. Each forklift is also subjected to our own first-class internal quality assurance procedures.

To reassure you that you’ll get the very best performance from your used Tusk forklift from the first job to the last, we offer a 6-month parts and labor warranty on qualified used Tusk forklifts.

Continued Productivity with Used Tusk Forklifts

The RHI Lifts of Chicago, IL difference is our renowned maintenance and repair services. We have a network of highly skilled used Tusk forklift specialists servicing the greater Chicago region. To save you valuable time, we can come to you and service your forklift onsite.

In keeping with our desire to provide great service, we guarantee a 48-hour repair turnaround time. If for some reason your used Tusk forklift takes more than 48 hours to repair, we’ll loan you a forklift free of charge, so your productivity won’t miss a beat. (Offer available on qualified units during warranty period only.)

Contact us today to find out more about boosting your productivity with a used Tusk forklift.